Welcome to my website! I’m Elin Criswell, a.k.a., The Country Soaper, and I’m all about the soap!

Soapmaking has been my creative passion for over 20 years with no end in sight. In fact, I call soapmaking …the endless experiment!  I enjoy making soap, selling soap, teaching others how to make soap, participating in living history events and I even lead a Texas-based soapmaker’s group, www.LoneStarSoapers.com. 

I believe that God gives us different things in life to enjoy and soapmaking is one of the many ways by which I enjoy life.


I am a fourth-generation Williamson County, Texas soapmaker of Swedish descent.  Of course, the craft has changed so much. All my soapmaking foremothers before me, only made soap for very practical, household purposes. I’m sure that they would be thrilled if they could see how soapmaking has changed into the creative, artistic craft that it is today. 


Upper left: my husband, Danny, and I. (2005)

Upper right: my parents, Kermit & Thelma Borg. (1991)

Lower right: my grandparents, Lee & Ida Carlson (that’s my mom, far left). (Circa 1925)

Lower left: my great-great grandparents, Aaron & Emeila Johnson. My grandma Ida is on the far right. (Circa 1895)