My Story


Elin first experimented with soap making in 1990. This was back in the dark ages, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.... you know, before the internet!  Her interest in the craft was first kindled after watching a T.V. show that featured the craft. Then off she went to the library to learn more.

The idea of making your own soap was not a new concept to Elin, since she had grown up with her mom's old-fashioned lye soap as an ever present fixture in their home. But now she set off on her own adventure to make soap.

With the help of two library books, she made her first batches of soap. But she was a busy mom with small children at the time, and soon moved on to other interests. 

Fast forward ten years to July 4th, 2000. That was the day she was strolling through an arts & craft show in Belton, Texas when she happened upon a soapmaker selling her products, Elin's interest was reignited and she has been making soap ever since......

Elin comes from a long line of hard working, creative women. Swedish on both sides of her family, she is very proud of her heritage, including her soap making heritage. She also feel very forunate in that all her soapmaking mothers before her only made simple soap for ultilitarian purposes. But we have so many more choices today when making soap.  Elin's great-grandma had very liimited choices when it came to the soap she made. But today, all the possibilities, from using different base oils to different essential and fragrance oils and other additives... the possibilities are endless!  Such creative times we live in!   

2003 - A Soap Biz is Born

Elin was more than content to be a soap hobbyist for over 3 years, but the day came when the business bug bit and she launched her business, The Country Soaper. Elin sells her soap through wholesale accounts, retail sales and at occasional artisan markets. 

She has always had the goal of keeping her soap business small because she has never wanted to get so busy making soap that she loses the fun of it all. But she feels very blessed in that over the years, she has been able to develop several different income streams, all soap-related

2010 - the birth of Lone Star Soap & Toiletries

Lone Star Soap & Toiletries, a Texas-based soapmakers group, was founded on January 1, 2010. Lone Star was the vision of Starlene Moore, who asked Elin to join her in this soapy venture. When Star steped down in 2014, she handed the reins over to Elin, who now serves as Lone Star's Coordinator.

Lone Star members communicate via their Facebook group. They also hold two annual events, the Winter Retreat, held in January in Marble Falls, Texas; and the Soapmakers Seminar, held in June in Round Rock, Texas.

On July 13, 2019, at the 10th Annual Soapmakers Seminar, Lone Star was rebranded and relaunched as the Lone Star Soapers Networking Group.

2010 - Creative Soap Making - her first book

Creative Soap Making ... the Basics and Beyond is Elin's how-to book on her beloved craft. 

2013 - Bubbles to Bucks

Writing books can sometimes be like eating potato chips... one just isn't enough. Bubbles to Bucks... How to Make Money Selling Soap was published in 2013. This Elin's how to on how to start your own soap business.


On it goes.....

Elin is still in the process of writing her story.  But she would be most honored if you choose to purchase any of her products. Consider taking a Basic Soap Making Class!  Elin is more than willing to help you come over to the soap side.....